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Late/Manual Entries – places

The table below displays all current “places remaining” and is updated automatically after every checkout to be as accurate as possible.
(1) Select the events you wish to play; (2) Add to cart; (3) Carefully enter player’s name and their BTM at the secure Stripe checkout.
NOTE: where a negative quantity is displayed, event is full and players are added to the numbered reserve list.
Late/manual entries are processed in bulk – standard response time is – AFTER THE WITHDRAWAL DEADLINE.
Expedited response time is within 24 hours (RECOMMENDED FOR LATE ENTRIES) – select from the response time.

ImageNameEventDate & TimePricePlacesEvent TermsBook Event
G4 18U BS – BUC-21-0091 – Central & East Tour – DL Milton Keynes -26-6-2021SAT 26th June 2021 2pm-8pm£27.28£31.28-1 place(s)
G5 16U BS – BUC-21-0091 – Central & East Tour – DL Milton Keynes -26-6-2021SAT 26th June 2021 2pm-7pm£26.25£29.25-1 place(s)
G5 OPEN MS – BUC-21-0091 – Central & East Tour – DL Milton Keynes -26-6-2021SAT 26th June 2021 3pm-8pm£26.25£29.25-1 place(s)
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By using the site and/or requesting a manual entry you are confirming you have read and agree to all the rules, regulations and terms provided on the relevant FACT SHEET for the event or similar and the terms and conditions of manual entry,  which may be subject to change without notice. 
ALL manual entries are final and non-refundable except where an event is cancelled prior to play; or if we are unable to accept a player for any reason including but not limited to if they would be seeded; appear on the suspended list; it should be noted that LTA Competition Regulations (“Refusal of Entry”) stipulate that the Organiser/Organising Committee may decline to accept an application from any player without giving reason.

Alliance-Tennis Extras

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IMGNameEvent TypeDate & TimePricePlacesEvent TermsBook Event
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